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David Anthoff

Hi all,


what is the status with 0.4? I tried to get a sense where we are (feature freeze, RC, something else) from the issue tracker but couldn’t.


May I suggest that whenever there is a feature freeze, that you try to designate one build as a “beta” build (or call it “feature freeze build”) and post that on the julialang.org webpage and keep it there in parallel to the nightly builds.


And then send out an email to julia-users with a call to action for package developers to ensure compatibility of their packages with that beta build. Ideally that email would have the following elements:


a) a timeline. Not a full one, but a statement along the lines of “you have at least x weeks to do this because we promise to not release 0.4 before that date”. I think four weeks would be good, but the main point is that package devs need some predictability on this and enough lead time to schedule this work into our other commitments.

b) A reminder to keep packages compatible with 0.3 and 0.4, if at all possible at this time.

c) Maybe a list of the major things package devs should consider? For example a link to the pre-compile doc or something like that.


Thanks as always for the great work everyone is doing!






David Anthoff

University of California, Berkeley