A tool to build julia using icc on the travis CI.

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A tool to build julia using icc on the travis CI.

Dawei Si

Some julia packages (e.g. VML.jl) using MKL get into trouble when considering to use travis CI, for the Intel compilers and MKL cannot be pre-installed there. Therefore I found https://github.com/nemequ/icc-travis and just finished to write a bash tool to prepare them. Although it's very time-consuming because of the downloads and installation of Intel parallel studio every time, it is still workable. Using a trial license, I hope it wouldn't violate the rules.

Maybe the main repository of julia should also be tested to be built with icc?
The current binary packages are all unable to work well with just "using VML", even if MKL has been already installed, so I also suggest it would be nice if the julia official could provide a release version built with icc. BTW I'm also preparing to write a package wrapping MKL VSL, and it would be probably unable to work in gcc-compiled julia, either. However, MKL is still required in the user's system.

You can find an example of how to use julia-icc-travis here: https://github.com/sunoru/VML.jl (is there someone who can handle my new pull request?)

Thanks :)