Porting ADE4 on Julia

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Porting ADE4 on Julia

Antoine Jardin

I'm a regular R user.

Over the last few month, i've used Julia for GLM and MixedModels, as I frequently used lme4 on large dataset, an area where Julia provides great improvements.

Yet i'm still using R for a number of task, mainly data management but also Geometric Data Analysis.

I know that several methods are already included in the DimensionalityReduction package : https://github.com/JuliaStats/DimensionalityReduction.jl

I tend to use more complex techniques such as k-table analysis and dual k-table analysis.
Those are frequent among biologists for ecological data analysis.

I would be greatly interested in porting/implementing those techniques in Julia, following the work put in the R package called ADE4.


I'm not yet skilled enough to code those functions by myself but I'm willing to learn. 
Does anyone share interest for those techniques ? It would be great to share the burden among several people.



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