QML (Qt5) binding for Julia (GSOC?)

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QML (Qt5) binding for Julia (GSOC?)

Maurice Diamantini

While trying to find some Qt5 binding for Julia, I only found the Qt5 startup projet from Tom Breloff https://github.com/tbreloff/Qt5.jl which is intended to bind the full feature from Qt5. This is a huge task and will take some time.

So I wonder if there is some interest for a QML binding which would allows Julia code to display simple QML file (with callback to Julia methods!).

I just found a git repository about two QML library which could serve as a basis  and as an example:

Being able to build Qt interface directly from Julia without the need of  the anaconda would be a great advantage for Julia users.

That seems to be a true Julia GSOC candidate project (i.e. which could not be affected to another language...)


-- Maurice